Technology in the service of health

MTM Srl is a company specialized in the study of mathematical/statistical models, use cases and in research, development and production of software for the medical sector.


The ROG (Real Organ Generation) project allows to obtain virtual models of human organs using the most advanced technologies available today such as MIR scanner, 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our value creation processes, we work in constant search for new cutting-edge solutions to offer always efficient solutions in the biomedical field.


The MED3D project stages the rapid prototyping, mockup and simulation platform for surgical interventions and interfaces with users, companies and institutions involved.


Since its inception, the company has developed custom design systems for the generation of cellular and mouse models for biomedical research, especially for ALS and SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).


Our expertise is divided into 4 main activities.


For biomedic research, MTM Srl develops mathematical and statistical models for the production of cutting-edge softwares, whose algorithm allows 3D visualization of bidimensional medical images.


MTM Srl collaborates with different companies for the research and development of virtual reality, namely Techinnova and Ric3D. In the medical sector, it undertakes projects such as : Med3D for surgical simulations and ROG for the generation of virtual models of human organs and their 3D realization. Its vision is to create an IT platform for professionals, students, and companies. Moreover, these projects allow the definition of individual therapies against cancer, tailored to the specific needs of the patients.


MTM Srl is a partner of Circularponic, born from the futuristic vision of the partners Techinnova, Nutritech, Ric3D, and Biotica. From the synergy among partners, it was possibile to implement an Agricultural Precision project, an “innovative farm” that combines IoT (Internet of Things) and Cyber Security. The purpose is to generate a virtuos cycle to minimize water spillovers while simultaneously allowing to breed fishes and plant cultivation.



The materials study laboratory ot MTM Srl designs, studies, and creates prototypes of highly innovative materials, with a strong emphasis on circular economy and the reuse of organic materials from industrial waste. The materials, studied together with industrial and research partners, both public and private, find application in the medical, green building, fashion, and design sectors.

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Our commitment spreads throughout everything we do for greater customer satisfaction and greater efficiency in our services.


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