MTM Srl, based in Milan, was founded as a private research company dedicated to biotechnology with the aim of improving the living conditions of citizens through study and research, especially in the biomedical and agri-food sector. To date, MTM Srl has specialised in the following:

Development of mathematical-statistical models
Development of “use cases” and research in Biotech, Pharmaceutical, IT, and Agri-food sectors.

Development and production of software for the medical sector
Coordination of a network of skills related to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and Multiple Sclerosis issues

MTM Srl, in collaboration with several partners, has created the following projects:


Rete SIAS (Integrated Services for the Agro-food and Health sector) operates in the production of goods and services in the agro-food sector. The aim is to reduce management costs and to guarantee a specific operation in the areas of intervention of the network through an adequate think-tank of experts and professionals.


Circularponics is a project related to precision farming and aquaponics for the production of fruit, vegetables, and fish with zero impact using IoT (Internet of Things) and Cyber Security.


The MED3D project implements the rapid mockup prototyping phase and the simulation platform for surgical interventions and interfaces with users, companies and institutions involved. The aim is to strengthen the health sector’s reliance on new technologies to accelerate research, development and implementation of these technologies in order to provide more and better care for patients in need.