Nature Medicine.

Authors: Chad E Mire, Robert W Cross, Joan B Geisbert, Viktoriya Borisevich, Krystle N Agans, Daniel J Deer, Megan L Heinrich, Megan M Rowland, Augustine Goba, Mambu Momoh, Mathew L Boisen, Donald S Grant, Mohamed Fullah, Sheik Humarr Khan, Karla A Fenton, James E Robinson, Luis M Branco, Robert F Garry & Thomas W Geisbert

There are no approved treatments for Lassa fever, which is endemic to the same regions of West Africa that were recently devastated by Ebola. Here we show that a combination of human monoclonal antibodies that cross-react with the glycoproteins of all four clades of Lassa virus is able to rescue 100% of cynomolgus macaques when treatment is initiated at advanced stages of disease, including up to 8 d after challenge.

Source: Nature Medicine