The MTM team is delighted to announce that we have reached the maximum funding goal for our project “Droide MSE-6“. This milestone has been accomplished with the invaluable participation of over 330 investors who believed in our idea, allowing us to surpass the fundraising target in a very short period of time.

The crowdfunding campaign, launched on the peer-to-peer crowdlending platform EvenFi, has exceeded expectations, enabling MTM to gather the necessary funds to accelerate the development of the HW-SW platform Droide MSE-6. This high-tech solution aims to revolutionize the way environmental safety parameters are monitored in complex and large-scale work environments. It seeks to significantly improve working conditions for employees and businesses.

The maximum funding goal of € 30.000 has been achieved thanks to the trust and commitment shown by our 335 investors. Riccardo Roggeri, CEO of MTM and Scientific Director of the Droide MSE-6 project, emphasizes the importance of this milestone: “We are thrilled with the success of our crowdfunding campaign for the R&D project Droide MSE-6. This result demonstrates the market’s interest and trust in these types of technological solutions focused on workplace safety. With the support of our investors, we will be able to accelerate project activities and realize our vision of creating safer and more protected work environments“.

With this achievement and the excellent feedback received from this campaign, the MTM team is more motivated than ever to work diligently and dedicatedly to complete the Droide MSE-6 project as soon as possible, in order to deliver a cutting-edge solution that exceeds the expectations of end-users. The company is committed to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our community of investors and clients, providing updates on project progress and sharing future developments.

The MTM team would like to express gratitude to all the stakeholders who supported the project’s fundraising campaign. The immediate positive impact that Droide MSE-6 will have on workplaces will be the tangible result of this successful initiative.

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