MTM, which has been paying attention to the development trends of some key sectors in which it operates for years, is currently investing in the following sectors: energy, environment and tourism.

In order to guarantee a better access to these sectors, after a careful analysis, it has focused on 3 innovative start-ups that have interesting disruptive elements.

Pradella Sistemi: with its portfolio of soft mobility products, it is of interest to MTM to be able to apply in the field the discoveries that our company is making in the IoT sensor sector.

Infinity Hub: a hub for the creation of new and important energy requalification projects for Italy’s architectural heritage, of interest to MTM because of the synergies that can be established in IoT remote control systems.

Locare: has introduced important elements of innovation in the insurance sector and is interested in MTM to apply its artificial intelligence software.

MTM has thus invested in the equity crowdfunding deals that the three partner companies are conducting on as many platforms: Wearestarting, CrowdFundMe, and Backtowork24.