MTM s.r.l. is pleased to announce that it has invested in the innovative startup Wallled s.r.l.; the Techinnova incubator – through its Innogrow acceleration programme – also took part in the investment.

Why did we invest?

The Wallled team is proving, with increasingly concrete results, that it is able to combine its lighting expertise with the engineering skills of dry construction in an original and innovative way.

A company specialising in the design and production of LED lighting fixtures embedded in structure or cladding systems, Wallled has taken the evolution of technologies to the next step. Wallled profiles, in fact, are an evolution of the traditional lamps embedded in walls, counter walls and false ceilings: incandescent lamps were suitable for concrete and brick constructions; the LED lamp is instead optimally adapted to drywall constructions.

Combining simplicity, elegance and technical innovation, Wallled’s team follows in detail all the design phases of the lighting profiles, in order to guarantee several advantages to the professionals: a streamlining of the installation processes; more order and cleanliness in the structure; more control to the designers; guarantee of quality and compatibility of all the products used to achieve the final result.

In particular, Wallled’s merit should be recognised in the unique ability of its team to integrate the advantages of LED technology not only with lighting management systems, but also with the requirements of BIM (Building Information Modeling) design. Wallled’s solutions provide benefits that go beyond simple lighting: Wallled’s goal is to reshape the relationship with our cities – which aspire to become increasingly smart – and with our workspaces, thus guiding us towards a sustainable future.